Nov. 23rd   6:00pm
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Missions  –  November 2019

Rock Hill, SC


Come and celebrate Jesus by serving others!
Saturday, Dec. 7th, we have TWO parties to come and spread Christmas cheer!  The first begins at 12:30pm when we host the York County Board of Disabilities clients.  These friends are loving, cheerful, and love to sing, dance and eat! We have a great time with them two times a year.

Following at 2:30pm, Christmas is celebrated with some G.A.P. people (great, awesome, age over 50). Live music, great food, fellowship, Bingo, gift bags are enjoyed by everyone who attends.
Come and be a part of this special day serving others!  It’s the BEST gift you can give yourself!!

The Shield’s next
Family 5th Sunday will be
December 22nd!
details coming soon…


Riverview Hospice & Palliative Care – (Patients or Office Assistance)
Castle Heights Mentor

In Loving Memory of Pastor Kathy Soles

Our hearts are broken, but our spirits rejoice with Pastor Kathy Soles as she graduated to Heaven on  Saturday, December 8th, 2018. Such a beautiful example of a life well lived.  She is dearly missed, but we know she wants us to continue to promote the Kingdom and educate believers.
“Go Do The Word”

Tributes to Pastor Kathy:
A precious, diligent woman of god that inspired me in many ways.  I will cherish the special memories that I have of her. PK you are the best.  Love always, Deloris

Kathy, a daughter to me! She is a testimony of how our God works, as we trust in Him. He does observe how we handle & process situations, during times of joy and time of sorrow. Do we show faith in our unshakable God? … I learned from Kathy to pray daily to fix every cell in her body; for complete healing. Not with duct tape, not with super glue, but rather the strength of Gorilla Holy Spirit Glue! That has brought each of us during this Grace of Church Age, Shield Church family, to focus on the fact, that like Kathy, our eyes and heart are glued on HIM, today and for eternity, due to Kathy we are all glued together in God’s Love! Our Kathy lived in His Word, as in Psalm 79:13: then we, y’all people, the one You Love and care for, will thank You over-and over-and over, we’ll tell everyone we meet how wonderful You are! How praiseworthy You are! Go do the Word daily with the passion of our Kathy’s beautiful smile, encouraging each one of us! In Jesus Mighty Name, Amen. Kathy’s Bob (Bob from Michigan)

Fond memories: Miss her tremendously. She was an administrator and one who could edify. She also could correct me in a sweet way. I can hear her say “Now Ernie.”  I will always hear her saying Paula and I reminded her of Pastor Larry and her. My phone ring tone for her was set on Bell Tower, she could get my attention and that what it meant when I heard that ring tone. I knew it was PK. Now Paula has to say PK can see me anytime if she thinks I am not treating her right. LOL. She used to say I am going to tell PK on you. She was genuine and like the winter’s snow (pure). We just got to carry the torch and make her proud. I don’t want to go to heaven one day and she ask me “what Happened Ernie”. LOL. She was my spiritual mama and the one who gave me my first shot behind the pulpit on a Wednesday night back in 2011. Oh those were the days.  Ernie Greenwood

Pastor Kathy was a wonderful beautiful woman and will be greatly missed, she never wanted more than for all of us to Love God with our whole heart! She smiled all the time even when her world wasn’t perfect. She never doubted God or spoke negative which was such an inspiration to me! You will forever be missed. She would never get mad if I ever told her I couldn’t do something, she would just say no problem with a smile! She was my inspiration!  Jodie Peterson


We invite you to send us prayer requests at or to    Each Friday night we have prayer at The Shield from 7:00 – 8:00pm.  Join us live on our website, email in your prayer requests.  Come to sit in His presence, soak, pray, journal, or just have some quiet time .
We’d love to join our faith with yours and go the Father together.

Praying For Our Men/Women Serving In The Military
PVT Heather Alverson
Cody Mabe – husband of Brittany McElwee Mabe