Who We Are

The Vision


The heart of Pastors Larry Soles (and his late wife, Kathy) for Shield of Faith member is three fold:

To have a church that ministers to your family
To educate believers in the what Jesus made available to us through His death & resurrection
To equip us to reach those in our daily realm of influence

Pastors Larry & Kathy hope to see each member discover their talents and callings and to be fulfilled in life. Pastors live and teach the truth that “Life is gained in giving your life away.”

 Shield of Faith History

After receiving a confirmation to their call into the ministry in 1980, Larry and Kathy Soles began to hold services in a meeting room at a Howard Johnson Hotel in Rock Hill, SC. God met their needs continually and soon two services were held weekly.

Mr. Thomas Wilson kindly offered his bookstore, Shepherd’s Fold as a new location for services to be held starting November 2, 1980. Shield of Faith was officially birthed and rapidly began to grow.

Beginning in March 1981, Pastor Larry purchased an old, run down pool hall on Annafrel Street in Rock Hill and after extensive renovation, four weekly services welcomed visitors and members alike. In April 1985 the congregation once again moved to a rented bingo building on Black Street. Using their former location as the children’s meeting place and for Shield of Faith Christian Academy. The time had come for Shield of Faith to find their permanent home – a place where Pastors Larry & Kathy’s vision could continue to grow and prosper.

Twenty two acres were purchased where the present facility is located in March of 1987. An additional twenty acres of land was purchased across the street. The Thomas Patterson Life Center was built in 2003 and has been a huge blessing to the church and community. We look forward to everything God has in store for our future!

Statement of Faith

1. Scripture

2. The Trinity

3. Man

4. Eternal Life & New Birth

5. Water Baptism

6. Baptism in the Holy Spirit

7. Sanctification

8. Divine Healing

9. Resurrection of the Just and the Return of Our Lord

10. Hell & Eternal Retribution

11. Communion

12. Laying on of Hands

13. Marriage and Sexuality